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Massage hypnotique

Hypnotic Massage

Therapeutic or relaxation massage including self-hypnosis for complete physical and mental relaxation.

Swedish Therapeutic Massage

A massage that combines firmness and gentleness, it affects mostly the muscles, the joints, and the skin, as well as the respiratory and nervous systems.

Californian massage

Massage made up of continuous and encircling fluid movements. The movements include long effleurages and kneading.

Foot Massage

Relieves tension and promotes relaxation by massaging foot reflex zones linked to other parts of the body.

Abdominal massage

Abdominal massage aims to clear the digestive tract by gently massaging the abdomen and intestines.

Reiki massage

a harmonious combination of traditional massage therapy techniques and Reiki, an energy healing method.

Lymphatic drainage

This type of massage helps stimulate the lymph and is performed by massage therapists. It consists of two stages.

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Uses deep relaxation to solve problems such as stress or unwanted habits by exploring the subconscious.


Reiki uses touch to channel universal energy, promoting relaxation and natural healing.

Energy Cleansing

Energy cleansing purifies and balances body and mind energies to promote well-being.

Chakra Balancing and Alignments

Energy practices designed to restore balance to the body's energy centers, called chakras.

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Body exfoliation

Body treatment that removes dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation and promotes cell renewal.

Algae body wrap

A spa treatment involving the application of seaweed to the body, this treatment purifies the skin and stimulates circulation.

Hair removal

Warm and hot waxing removes hair at the root, leaving the skin smooth and soft for several weeks.

Beauty Experience Mask

This facial combines cleansing, anti-aging mask and moisturizing cream to rejuvenate and nourish the skin.

Foot Care

Includes soaking, exfoliation, nail and cuticle trimming, peeling, callus treatment and moisturizing massage.

Shaving and Trimming

Shaving and trimming of beard, hair and body for a well-groomed look, using clippers and razors.

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